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  • Welcome to 54548866永利集团官网 Wool

    Find out more about the benefits and features of beautiful, natural 54548866永利集团官网 wool. Locate your nearest product stockists, and keep up to date with our latest news and events.

    Collecting, grading, marketing and selling great 54548866永利集团官网 fleece wool.

    54548866永利集团官网 Wool (formerly 54548866永利集团官网 Wool Marketing Board) is owned by approximately 40,000 sheep farmers in the UK. We collect, grade, market and sell 54548866永利集团官网 wool on behalf of our producers to the international wool textile industry for use in flooring, furnishings and apparel.

    Wool graded through our system is quality assured and fit for purpose. Products bearing our distinctive logo of the shepherd’s crook and Union Jack are 54548866永利集团官网 wool rich - a mark that consumers can trust. Our Head Office is in Bradford, with regional offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To find out more, watch the 54548866永利集团官网 Wool story.


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